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The Year of the Girl Campaign
During 2012, Girl Scouts of the USA celebrates its 100th Anniversary and declares 2012 the Year of the Girl.  During this year, as a movement we will launch ToGetHerThere--the largest, boldest advocacy and fundraising cause campaign dedicated to girls' leadership issues in the nation's history.
This multi-year effort will help break-down societal barriers that hinder girls from leading and achieving success in everything from technology and science to business and industry.
Our long-term goal is ambitious and urgent: to create balanced leadership in one generation. To do this, we must ask all adult members of society--mothers, fathers, corporations, governments, and nonprofits--to help girls reach their leadership potential and place this urgent issue front and center on the national agenda. We all have a role to play in helping girls achieve their full leadership potential because when girls succeed, so does society.

Together, we can get her there.

Get Involved:
-    Get Informed
-    Speak-Up Take the ToGetHerTherePledge
-    Invest in Girls