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 GSUSA National Convention, 2011

The Next 100 Years of Girls'
Leadership Begins Here!

The National Council Session is the Girl Scouts’ major governance meeting. The members of the National Council convene every three years to help shape the future of our Movement. The National Council membership includes delegates elected from each Girl Scout council and from USA Girl Scouts Overseas. The 2011 National Council Session/52nd convention was held November 8-13, 2011, in Houston, Texas.

Our National Council Members Have Voted!
At the 2011 National Council Session, members voted on important matters affecting the future of Girl Scouting. We are happy to share the results:

Proposal 1
By majority vote, Proposal 1 was adopted as amended as follows:
(Blue Book policy)

Girl Scout Council Authority and Responsibility
Within the terms of its charter, a Girl Scout council shall have the authority and responsibility to: provide and safeguard the Girl Scout program, build and organization to serve its membership, secure and direct personnel, extend membership opportunities to all girls within its jurisdiction, finance its work, and develop its community and public relationships. A Girl Scout council shall not have the authority to establish any form of local council membership dues; however, Girl Scout councils may charge an annual council service fee for girl members, not to exceed the amount charged by GSUSA for annual membership dues.  A Girl Scout council shall not use membership dues collected from girls and adults registering with GSUSA through the council as a source of investment income. The local council shall be accountable to the National Board of Directors of Girl Scouts of the United States of America for proper exercise of this authority.

Proviso: effective beginning FY2013
Votes in favor: 837  - Votes opposed: 418
__________________________________________________________________________________________    Proposal 2A – Constitutional Amendment
Proposal 2A, as follows, was defeated*, as it did not receive the required two-thirds vote.

To amend the Constitution of Girl Scouts of the USA, Article IV (The National Council), Section 5 (Formula for Delegates), by striking out the words "of the year" and inserting the words "two years."

Votes in favor: 605   - Votes opposed: 656
* As Proposal 2A was defeated, Proposal 2B was not considered.


  Proposal 3

By majority vote, Proposal 3, as stated below, was referred to the Task Group to Study the Dues Structure and Membership Processes.

To amend the Blue Book of Basic Documents 2009 Edition policy entitled "Membership Dues and Procedures for Registration," second paragraph, by striking "is October 1 through September 30" and inserting "commences on the date of registration of the member."

Votes in favor of motion to refer: 814  - Votes opposed to motion to refer: 428


National Board Members Election Results

The following Officers, Members-at-Large of the National Board of Directors, and Members-at-Large of the National Board of Directors and also members of the National Board Development Committee, and non-Board members of the National Board Development Committee were elected by acclamation.


Officers 2011-2014

President: Connie L. Lindsey
First Vice President: Davia B. Temin
Second Vice President: Susan P. Peters
Secretary: Debra Nakatomi
Treasurer: Joan Wagnon
Members-at-Large of the National Board of Directors, 2011-2014
Sylvia Acevedo Barbara J. Krumsiek
Catherine "Cathy" M. Coughlin Wonya Lucas
Linda Descano Karen A. Maloney
Lisa Guillermin Gable Mitchell "Mitch" A. Martin
Steven F. Gilliland Sharon H. Matthews
Jennifer Grancio Charles "Chuck" D. McLane, Jr.
Jeanmarie C. Grisi Lisa Garcia Quiroz 
Kathy Hopinkah Hannan Nancy A. Reardon
Patricia "Pat" Harris Sharon I. Wibben
John Hom Katherine "Kathy" L. Worthen
Ingrid Saunders Jones Cyma Zarghami
Members-at-Large of the National Board of Directors and also members of the National Board Development Committee, 2011-2014.
Jenny Alonzo Monica Gil
Brenda Freeman  
Non-Board members of the National Board Development Committee, 2011-2014
Thomas W. Dortch, Jr. Ilene H. Lang
J.D. Hokoyama Patricia Romines