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 CEO Search Q&A

Q - Who is on the search committees and how were they selected?
A - The GSGATL board of directors is leading the search process and has appointed the search committees.

Q - How was the interim CEO selected?
A - During leadership transitions, it is common for a board to seat an interim CEO with in-depth knowledge of an organization to maintain business continuity. The GSGATL board appointed an interim CEO search committee that developed and reviewed credentials of several qualified candidates and made their final selection based on experience in executive, Council and community leadership.

Q - How will the CEO search be conducted?
A - The board of directors has appointed a CEO search committee that is chaired by Mary Plant, a current Girl Scout leader and member of the board of directors. The committee has developed and is implementing the plan to select GSGATL’s next CEO. Their goal is to identify a CEO who exemplifies superior leadership, and who will lead the organization as it executes on its important mission in the second century of Girl Scouting. To date, the search committee has retained Evergreen Executive Source, LLC to identify candidates and advise on the selection of a new CEO. Evergreen is a search firm with proven depth of experience in non-profit executive sourcing and selection, and has conducted searches nation-wide for over a decade serving the interests of Girl Scout Councils across all regions of the country. All information provided to Evergreen will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. In addition, on August 2 , Evergreen officially launched the CEO search and is encouraging candidates to express their interest in advance of September 30. For more information visit http://www.egreensource.com.

Q - Will there be other Council leadership changes?
A - We do not anticipate any other Council leadership changes as a result of the transition. Retaining staff and engaging them in the search process is a critical priority for the board.

Q - Will this leadership transition impact GSGATL’s strategic plan?
A - Three years ago, the Council strategic plan which focuses on growth and improvements on the volunteer experience, contributed income, culture, communication and technology was developed by a committee of volunteers, members, board members, parents, donors and staff and was approved by the board. The board remains committed to the full execution of that plan.

Q - Can I provide feedback on the search process?
A - Yes! We look forward to your feedback. Please share your thoughts at bod@gsgatl.org.