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 Jasmine Merlette - Girl Scout Gold Awardee

Jasmine’s Gold Award project, "The Girls Enlightened Together Club", addressed obesity and the importance of exercise and eating right. She also focused on the need for good grades and an education by developing a program that promoted Healthy Bodies, Social Graces, Knowledge is Power, and Cultural Awareness. Jasmine hopes the girls she taught learned new skills that will significantly impact their lives and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

"Through earning my God Award, my leadership skills have grown. Most Importantly, I now understand what it takes to make a difference in the lives of those in need: patience, love, and understanding," said Jasmine.

"I created The Girls Enlightened Together Club, a peer-led club to address obesity, self-esteem, and academic success among girls in my community. This helped middle school girls gain confidence."

Jasmine is a senior at Alpharetta High School where she is involved in honors orchestra. She plays violin and tennis. Jasmine has earned many awards, including the Jack & Jill of America Teen Service Award.

She has also been Vice-President of her Jack & Jill chapter. Jasmine earned her Girl Scout Bronze and Silver Awards.