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Planning for the future of Outdoor Programs and Properties
Girl Scouts is committed to ensuring all girls have access to life-changing experiences and exciting activities in a safe environment.
And locally, at Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, we consistently strive to provide each generation of girls with relevant, fun activities they will always remember.  In order to serve the best interest of girl members throughout the 34 county area, we must continually review and adapt our resources to focus on the future, while honoring the memories and experiences that have shaped the past. 
With these goals in mind, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta is currently undergoing an Outdoor Program and Property Assessment process.  This process will be led by a 14-person task force comprised of a diverse group of constituents who will thoughtfully and diligently review statistical and analytical data- as well as feedback from girls, volunteers and parents - to offer suggestions on both short and long-range outdoor program and property planning for the board of directors to review and approve.
The Task Force - comprised of board members, service unit directors, council day-camp organizers, volunteers, staff, community leaders and girls- will be working along with a third-party consultant. This consultant, Kaleidoscope Inc., is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in outdoor program and property planning. 

The objective of the Outdoor Program and Property Assessment is to develop a sustainable outdoor program and property plan that supports and enhances the Girl Scout Mission and Leadership Experience, and aligns with the needs of today’s girls by providing up-to-date, relevant and leading-edge facilities, program opportunities and recreational amenities which align with our council’s long-term goals now and into the future.
As we go through the process of reviewing and assessing these outdoor programs and properties, the task force will hear many voices and perspectives – including those of girl and adult members, parents and volunteers.  Girl and adult members will be receiving a link to an Outdoor Program and Property survey which will assist the task force in forming their recommendations. 

To participate in the Survey, follow the links below:
Girls Click Here               Adults Click Here
As we move forward with the timeline, we will be holding focus groups in several geographic areas to offer you another chance to have your voice heard.  More information will come regarding those specific dates soon.
Overall, we know that outdoor program and properties play an important role in shaping girls’ experiences and memories, and we look forward to expanding and supporting relevant, property-related programming for girls today and in the future.
If you have any questions about the Outdoor Program and Property Assessment, feel free to contact us at feedback@gsgatl.org.