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 Statement Regarding Media Coverage

Out of consideration for our Girl Scouts, our volunteers, our staff and the larger Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta family, we want to share some facts about a recent matter involving our Council.
An unfortunate disagreement has arisen between well-intentioned moms in one of our troops that has resulted in a legal complaint by Mrs. Angela Johnson, a mother of two elementary school-age girls, against two longtime volunteer troop leaders and the Council. When Mrs. Johnson brought her concerns to our attention, we promptly looked into the situation and concluded that this was a matter of miscommunication and hurt feelings between mothers interested in the best for the girls for
whom they care.
We work with nearly 42,000 girls and approximately 18,000 volunteers each year, many of whom are mothers – so we understand the deep sense of pride and protection mothers such as Mrs. Johnson feel for their daughters.
Here are some important facts about this situation:
  • First, Mrs. Johnson’s daughters were not expelled from their troop. It was Mrs. Johnson’s decision to discontinue her daughters’ participation in Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta does not expel girls from Girl Scouting.
  • Second, Mrs. Johnson was offered three solutions for her daughters:  having the girls remain in their existing troop, having them join another troop or having Mrs. Johnson become a troop leader. Mrs. Johnson has not accepted any of these options.
  • Finally, we have 42,000 girls in our Council, and we see an array of personalities, interests and energy levels. Girls switch troops for a variety of reasons. It is not unusual for a troop leader, a mother or a girl to consider changing troops.  
It is our hope that we can quickly resolve this disagreement, allowing Mrs. Johnson’s daughters to continue their path of leadership through the Girl Scouts if they choose.