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Georgia Girl Scout Sells 13,000 Boxes of Cookies
Girl Scout Meghan Devine - myfoxatlanta.com

By: myfoxatlanta.com - Feb. 11, 2013

Monday officially kicks off the Girl Scouts cookie season in Atlanta! Even though you may have seen Girl Scouts taking orders for the past few weeks, today you will see them selling at booths outside malls and grocery stores.

High school junior Meghan Devine, 17, is the queen of booth sales. She has been involved with scouting since kindergarten, and has sold over 13,000 boxes of cookies over the course of her scouting career. Her father, Patrick, says she definitely has a future in sales.

"My mom was my troop leader. She did an amazing job, taught me how to love Girl Scouts. Taught me about everything I can get out of Girl Scouts," said Meghan.

She's certainly made the most of it. Meghan has some of the highest cookie sales in the state of Georgia and ranks high nationally.

"Over 12 years of selling cookies. Right now it's around 13,000 boxes," said Meghan.

That's nearly $46,000 worth of cookies sold. Her smile may be the secret to her success. Meghan says she doesn't go door-to-door anymore. She sticks only to booth sales, and she never passes up an opportunity to up-sale.

People don't seem to mind digging into their pockets when it comes to buy the iconic sugary treats, especially when it's for a good cause. On Friday, several Atlanta troops set up booths early to raise money for victims of the tornado that devastated parts of Gordon and Bartow counties.

"I think it's great the Girl Scouts, like the Boy Scouts, are involved in the local communities here and makes you feel good about putting a cookie in your mouth," said cookie buyer Steven Renner.

Meghan only has one more year after this one to sell, then she's off to college. Her dad says she won't have any problems getting a job, especially if it's in sales.

"She's been out standing out in front of a Starbucks at six in the morning selling cookies when its freezing, and we actually had a real-estate lady pull up. She up-saled the real-estate lady in the drive through and the lady handed her a card, and said ‘when you graduate from college call me. I have a job for you,'" said Patrick.

Meghan hopes to attend Notre Dame, and she will likely major in engineering. She says a portion of the sales from all those cookies go their Girl Scout troop. From that money, the girls are able to take educational trips all over the world. She's already been to Switzerland, and will go to Costa Rica this summer.

The organization recognizes girls who sell 1,000 boxes in a year as top sellers. Meghan has consistently sold anywhere between 2,000 and 3,000 boxes per year.