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Address Booklet

Assist your Girl Scout in completing the Address Booklet
It’s the EASIEST way for her to participate!

The Address Booklet is a way for your Girl Scout to contact friends and family that she may not see face-to-face or have email interaction with during the program. Simply help her fill out the booklets with legitimate names and addresses. Each person listed in the booklet will receive one mailing (personalized by the Girl Scout who provided their name and address) directly from QSP regarding the purchase of a magazine subscription.

Note: Orders and/or payments cannot be submitted with the Address Booklet.

    Benefits of the Address Booklet:
    Takes only 10 minutes
  • Easy option - every girl can participate and there is no selling involved
  • Each girl earns the Hair Tie Lollipop for her complete booklet turned into the troop
  • No money collection
  • No product to deliver
  • Troops earn $2.00 per booklet (10 complete names and addresses) one Address Booklet per girl

Your Address Book Sales Help Make the World a Better Place
When a girl fills out the address book and asks customers to purchase magazines, for every qualifying purchase (3 subscriptions per customer), she is also giving a baby chicken to an underprivileged family in a third world country. This baby chick will grow up to lay delicious eggs and help feed the family. You can help make this happen!

Learn more about the partnership with Save The Children in conjunction with the Address Book program by watching this video. Help make the world a better place—this is the Girl Scout mission in action!