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 Chocolate and Nut Items

Delicious Chocolate & Nut Items to Sell—16 Varieties

Your Girl Scout’s customers will love the chocolate and nut items, especially the Pecan Clusters—they were the best seller last year! Your Girl Scout can take chocolate/nut orders by going door-to-door in your neighborhood or by asking family and friends to make chocolate/nut promises on her online store.

Online Promises for Chocolate & Nut Items

To receive chocolate/nut promises your Girl Scout needs to send emails to family and friends through the QSP site. When you are helping her set up emails to ask for online magazine orders, make sure she includes the link to her online chocolate/nut store by checking the box shown in the screen shot to the left. This is where her customers can submit their promises (orders).

Customers will not be paying for these chocolate/nut promises online, like they will for magazine subscriptions. The promises (orders) for these items will require your Girl Scout to follow-up on the request, deliver the product, and collect payment.

Click on the banner below starting August 24 to register for the program
and start sending e-mails!

All online activity should be supervised by a parent or guardian.