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Financial Responsibility

By submitting the signed Parent Permission & Financial Responsibility Form to your troop's volunteer, you are agreeing to take full financial responsibility for all products you receive. You are also committing to providing adult guidance for your Girl Scout at all times, including online activities.

Get a Receipt
Please require the troop volunteer to provide you a receipt for all products that you receive--count carefully! Also, obtain a receipt anytime you turn in monies to the volunteer. Keep for your records.

Select Preferred Girl Rewards
If there are multiple girl reward choices for a specific selling level, make sure you and your daughter circle your preferred choices on a copy of the order card and give to your Troop volunteer at the beginning of the program. This will ensure your Girl Scout earns what she wants when she meets her goal!

Don’t Miss Any Deadlines
Deadline dates are not flexible and parents must turn in money to their daughter’s Troop Chocolates & Magazines Program Manager for the products ordered. Please meet the schedule as outlined by the troop. Failure to pay will result in Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta initiating collection efforts on behalf of the troop, up to and including, taking legal action to collect outstanding funds.

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Parent Permission & Financial Responsibility Form