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 Five Skills for Girls

Girls learn a lifetime of skills by participating in the Girl Scout Chocolates & Magazines Program

Goal Setting
Girls who set goals are more likely to reach or exceed those goals—from selling chocolates and magazines to completing a science project or researching college scholarship! Goal setting can help in every aspect of a girl’s life.

Decision Making
When your Girl Scout participates in the program, she works with her troop to decide how the proceeds will be spent. She starts to build confidence in her decision making through the process. Because of it she just might spend her babysitting money more wisely or speak up about her opinion among her peers.

Money Management
Girls learn how to handle money when they collect payment from customers for chocolate and nut items. The money management skills girl learn in the Girl Scout Chocolates & Magazines Program carries over to other areas of girl’s lives, like managing an allowance or money from a part-time job while in school.

People Skills
Speaking with potential customers builds confidence—especially when a girl makes a sale! She learns how to listen to what a customer likes and offer a tasty product suggestion that’s right for them. These people skills can help a girl work well with others on a school project or sports team and even enable her to ask for instructions from a teacher so she achieves her best result!

Business Ethics
Girls learn to be honest and responsible at every step of the Girl Scout Chocolates & Magazines Program. Being trustworthy is a great personal attribute that has benefits in earning respect from others at school, college and in the workplace!

The skills your Girl Scout will develop as a participant in the Girl Scout Chocolates & Magazines Program will help her build courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place!