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 Online Magazines

Magazines Almost Sell Themselves—Over 700 Titles Available

Everyone has a few favorite magazines. Let people know that they can purchase them at less than newsstand prices AND support your Girl Scout!

Through your Girl Scouts’ online store, customers can purchase a new magazine subscription, renew one they already have or purchase one as a gift. Girls don’t have to handle any money and all major credit cards are accepted. Have your Girl Scout use the below QSP site tools, with your supervision, to help spread the word.

Send Emails Using the QSP Site

Your Girl Scout can safely send personalized emails (with photos and a special message) to friends and family asking for their support. Included in the email will be two links; one to her online magazines store and another to make chocolate/nut promises, which your Girl Scout will deliver at a later date. In your Girl Scout’s special message make sure she includes her goals and the deadline for orders.

Girls earn the Online Bee patch by sending at least 12 emails

NEW Customizable Business Cards!

This year customizable business cards are available—they direct customers straight to a girl’s online store!

When your Girl Scout is selling chocolate/nut items door-to-door in her neighborhood, she can also present customers with her business card. It directs customers to her personal online store, where they can purchase online magazines.

Very Important—Fill Out Business Card Correctly

For your Girl Scout to get credit for her online magazine sales, it’s really important that she writes her First and Last Name, Troop Number and Girl Scout Online ID number exactly how it appears on her QSP account.

Help her find her Girl Scout Online ID number when you first register for an account on the QSP site.

And most importantly be sure your Girl Scout reminds her customers to enter her Girl Scout Online ID number when they go online to purchase a magazine subscription. Click here to download additional Girl Business Cards.

Social Media Posts Using the QSP Site

With just two clicks on the QSP site your Girl Scout can share her online store link through your Facebook and Twitter pages. Help her spread the word among your social networks to increase her results!

Girls under the age of 13 MUST use their parent’s email address to establish their online QSP account—using the Facebook and Twitter features will automatically connect to the adult’s email address entered.

If your Girl Scout is 13 years or older, she can use her own email address (with your permission) to set up her QSP account, so that the Facebook and Twitter features link directly to her accounts.

Earn the Facebook Diva Patch
All girls who use the Facebook feature in the QSP site will earn the Facebook Diva Patch—it’s that easy! After your Girl Scout posts to Facebook make sure to request her patch at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FacebookDiva2013.

And Be Entered to Win Electronics

If your Girl Scout uses the QSP site to share her online store link through Facebook and requests her patch, she will also be entered to win one of these great electronics. Don’t let her miss out on the opportunity!

All online activity should be supervised by a parent or guardian.