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What is the Girl Scout Chocolates & Magazines Program?

The Girl Scout Chocolates & Magazines Program is a great opportunity for girls to learn a lifetime of skills and earn troop proceeds for special activities. It is the easiest way for troops to earn start-up money at the beginning of the Girl Scout year. Girls also earn great girl rewards and can use fun online tools to help them reach their goals.

Important Dates for Girls & Parents

September 1: Girls begin taking orders and sending emails

October 18: Orders due for chocolate/nut items and online magazines to earn girl rewards and troop proceeds.

October 19 – December 15: Girls continue to send emails for online magazine orders to earn additional troop proceeds. Magazines make great holiday gifts!

November 9-12: Product delivered to service Units, troop s and parents. Your troop volunteer should inform you when product is ready for pick-up. Be sure to count twice and retain a copy of signed receipt indicating how much product your Girl Scout and yourself are responsible for.

Click here for step-by-step instructions

Who can participate?
ALL registered Girl Scouts can participate—Daisies to Ambassadors. Girls who are brand new to Girl Scouts this year (starting October 1) are also eligible to participate in the program starting September 1. Make sure to sit down with your daughter and Troop Leader/Chocolates & Magazines Program Manager (TC&MPM) to receive all the program materials and guidance for participation.

If your daughter’s troop is not participating or she is a Juliette, your Girl Scout can still participate in the program! Contact Victoria Cooper at vcooper@gsgatl.org for specific information regarding girls participating on their own.

Additional Program Details
For additional details on the Chocolates & Magazines Program, please refer to the Family Reference Guide.

Program Items How They Are Ordered Payment Options

Ashdon Farms Chocolates & Nut Promises

Customers can make their Ashdon Farm’s Chocolate/Nut Promises through your girl’s QSP Online Store

All monies collected upon delivery

Chocolates & Nuts Order Card

Girls go door-to-door in their neighborhood and take orders on their order card

All monies collected upon delivery

QSP Online Magazines

All online—girls don’t have to handle any money

Customers pay online via a secure website and delivery is handled by the magazine vendor

QSPAddress Booklet for Potential Magazine Subscriber

Fill out and turn into troop

No payment to collect

NEW Customizable Business Card Tool
This year customizable business cards are available—they direct customers straight to a girl’s online store! So when girls are selling chocolate/nut items door-to-door in their neighborhood, they can present customers with their business card. It directs customers to the girl’s personal online store, so they can purchase online magazines. The card needs to have the girls first and last name, troop number and Girl Scout Online ID number. Click here to learn how to use the business cards and download additional business cards.

Print out the Girl Online Sales Report to give to your Troop Chocolates & Magazines Manager by the order deadline date. You will receive an email from QSP as a reminder to prompt you to print the report. Without the report, your troop volunteer cannot enter credits for online magazine sales or place the order to fulfill online Chocolate/Nut Promises!

To improve your girl’s math and business skills, when delivering Chocolate/Nut items, allow your Girl Scout to collect the money for orders and make change. Remember, no money for magazine subscriptions should be collected – customers will always pay QSP directly.

Online Activity Portal
Visit this online learning site to explore fun activities with your Girl Scout—manage a magazine newsstand, design a marketing flyer, and create a new virtual chocolate or nut item.