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 Cookie Club Next Generation

An EXCITING way for girls to get started AND turn in orders!
Cookie Club is the completely safe way for all girls to send emails asking for cookie promises—family and friends promise to purchase Girl Scout Cookies.   With their parent’s supervision, girls will find that Cookie Club is an awesome learning tool for success! Cookie Club lets girls jump into the exciting world of today’s social media while protecting them from unwanted communications.
1.       Families sign up girls for the Cookie Club and create an account at http://cookieclubpilot.littlebrowniebakers.com.
2.      Families will submit INITIAL COOKIE ORDERS to the Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) using this online tool, rather than the traditional paper order card. These orders automatically appear in eBudde for the TCM to verify and order during the initial order phase.
3.      Orders collected using Cookie Club after the initial order period will have to be submitted to the Troop Cookie Manager personally to be manually entered into eBudde.