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Girls Get Ready to Earn Your 2013 Rewards!


What can a girl do . . .NOW? 
You have turned in your first order card and cookies are not here yet, so what to do? Keep selling! Use the Goal Getter order card to keep taking orders to reach your goal and earn the recognitions you have chosen! Set a goal and go for it!

We want to hear your goal—what you and your troop plan to do. Share your goal with us and post to our Facebook page. We want to celebrate with each of you!


Initial Order Rewards!

Earn the trio of Travel Fashion Favorites!

168 Boxes--Love to Travel Bandana

180 Boxes--Love Hand Warmers

228 Boxes--Destinations Love T-Shirt

One Direction Concert!
Girls who sell 250 boxes or more of Girl Scout Cookies will be entered in a drawing to win 2 tickets to the June 21, 2013 concert to be held at Philips Arena in Atlanta. GSGATL will award four winners with a set of two tickets each! Be sure to set a goal that gives you a chance to win tickets!
Camp discout for girls who sell cookies! The  business skills learned in the Girl Scout Cookie Program have led business women to great things throughout the years. Let your business skills take you for a summer adventure for Girl Scout camp. An added benefit for girls who sell 400 or more bozes, is the opportunity to earn cookie dough which can be used to help pay for your Girl Scout summer. Find the sessions or session right for you at www.girlscoutsummer.com. The brochure will be available online in December. All Girl Scouts with orders verified through eBudde will qualify for the discounted fee.

Girl Scout Cookie Booths start Monday, February 11, 2013!
Visit our Facebook page and post photos of your Blinged-Out Girl Scout Cookie Booth. Weekly winners will be determined
by online voting and will earn each girl in the troop both the Bling My Booth Patch and the Cookie Buzz Patch for using social media! So get creative!
  Just a little glitter and paint can go a long way! Make signs, build an eye-catching cookie box display and get your “Bling” on!



Dough Getter’s Club is the exclusive recognition for girls who sell 1,250 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies each year. Be sure to set a goal and get an invitation for you to attend lunch with Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta's CEO, where you will receive a Dough Getter’s medallion and certificate.



Be sure to join in as we celebrate what a girl can do!
Photos will be taken to distribute to your local newspaper to let your
community know of your success!