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 Welcome to the 2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program! On this page, you should find everything you need to know to assist the girls and parents of your troop.  

​This is a cookie volunteer’s best friend. Here’s where you’ll order cookies, select girl recognitions, track troop proceeds, log girl payments and balance your troop’s financial records.

​ ​Each girl participating MUST have her FIRST and LAST NAME entered into this system.  

New for 2013: eBudde will automatically be loaded with all registered girl members (first/last name) from Personify.

Access to this system will be authorized by your Service Unit Cookie Manager. For details, click here.



​​Cookie VIP is a fun, easy-to-follow online training that gives you everything a volunteer needs to know about this year's Cookie Program and how to help girls get the most from their experience. It’s available 24/7 so it fits your schedule. You’re a VIP – Very Inspiring Person! For information on how to access this eLearning tool, click here.

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The Next Generation is the fastest, easiest, most technologically savvy way for girls to take cookie orders online from customers. This year, families will register their Girl Scouts for Cookie Club and submit INITIAL COOKIE ORDERS to the Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) using this online tool. 

If you are the Troop Cookie Manager (TCM), you should have received a copy of the Troop Cookie Handbook at training, which will guide you on the journey through this year’s cookie program.  To download the handbook, click here.

If you need further assistance, please contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager (SUCM). Need contact information for your SUCM? Please email cookiehelpline@gsgatl.org or phone 770-702-9158.






Volunteer Job Descriptions and Training




Friday, February 8- Sunday, February 10-- Count 'N' Go troop cookie distributions

Monday, February 11--Girl Scout Cookie Booths kick-off
Wednesday, February 13--Cookie Pick Up Locations open (warehouses and cupboards)





Troop Cookie Manager

Service Unit Cookie Manager

Non-Reward Girl Agreement

Cookie Sales Proceeds Calculator (for all girls)

Cookie Sales Proceeds Calculator (for opt-out troops)

Cookie Sales Parents Permission Form (English)

Cookie Sales Parents Permission Form (Spanish)




Cookie Training Presentation


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