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 Council Cookie Rally

Get excited for Cookie Time! Jump into the 2015 Girl Scout Cookie Program with a bang at the council wide Cookie Rally. Girls will learn how to rock their cookie business through fun activities for their age and cookie experience. Parents will also learn how to support their girls every step of the way.

Choose Your Cookie Track

Because each girl’s Cookie Program experience level is different, we’re offering NEW unique activities, so you learn what’s right for you! The main Cookie Rally activities are available to everyone. The Cookie Rookie and Cookie University are special optional activities.


Look Forward to These Activities!

Activities are linked to the 5 skills girls learn during the Girl Scout Cookie Program. So by participating, girls will earn five colorful skills bracelets and their Cookie Rally patch.


Girl Rewards
Check out the 2015 girl rewards, choose what you will aim for, and determine how many cookies you need to sell. What’s your goal? Maybe a stuffed animal, cookie dough for camp or even an iPod? Go big!


Test your knowledge about of cookies, goals, and Girl Scouts.


Wheel of Fortune
Spin our life size wheel to learn about what types of goals you can set for yourself and your troop during the Cookie Program.


Who Wants to be a Dough Getter?
Want to take your cookie sales to the next level? Test your marketing knowledge, as you make your way up the sales ladder.


Are You Smarter Than a Daisy?
Safety first! Will you make the right decision or are our experts Daisies going to teach you something.


Minute to Win It
You have 60 seconds to win! Test your money and product fulfillment skills though interactive high speed games.


5 price Tags
Can you guess how many cookies you need to sell in order to earn different rewards? You will be given 5 price tags to guess from. Good luck!


Price is Right
Come on down. See if you can guess, with no hints, how many cookies you must sell to earn different rewards. But there’s a catch, you can’t guess over!


Check Out
Cookies help our community in many ways. You will be given a specific amount of money and challenged to see how many products you can you buy to serve the community.


Is the item worth more or less then the number of cookies shown?


Door to Door
Practice your cookie sales pitch and safety rules by visiting a home or business with this fun activity.


Extreme Makeover: Cookie Booth Edition
With your design team, use your marketing and other cookie knowledge to bling a struggling cookie booth.


Troop Feud
Show off how much your Troop knows about the Cookie Program in this fun, interactive game!


Play this game to taste test the different cookies you will be selling! You may even get to try a new one!


Top Chef
Your secret ingredient: Girl Scout Cookies. What delicious creation can you make using the available ingredients?


First Base
Learn your products. How many cookies have chocolate? What cookies are the most popular? What color box do Do-Si-Does come in?


Second Base
Why do we sell Girl Scout Cookies? And what is a Cookie Goal?


Third Base
Try selling your product? Learn what to do when someone says no.


Take it all the way home! Work together to find next steps for your family when you get home. Like visiting neighbors door to door, your parent's office or sending emails to family and friends.


Outfield: Cookie Carnival
Play fun games all while learning about the cookie program.




Communications 101
In this course, you will learn how to create a sales pitch and increase your customer base through written and verbal communications.


Marketing 101
In this course, you will learn how advertisements effect consumers and why advertisers target teens. You will also learn how to target customers by creating your own mock advertising campaigns.


Graphic Design 101
In this course, you will utilize the new Digital Cookie technology to increase your cookie sales through the production of your own cookie commercials, apps, and Websites.


Cookie University: BUSINESS MAJOR


Business 101
In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of starting your own business. By the end of this course you will have created your own business plan and mission statement and be able to apply these skills towards achieving your goals in your cookie sales.


Finance 101
In this course, you develop new skills in money management by creating a budget, creating your own break-even analysis, and learning the importance of credit. You will be able to apply these skills to your cookie sales, as well as real life situations.


Research & Development 101
In this course, you will learn how companies use R&D to improve their products, brainstorm new ways to introduce and market cookies to customers, and possibly come up with the next great cookie idea or cookie recipe.


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