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 Important Dates


Verify that all girls are registered for the current  2014-2015 Girl Scout year

Troop Cookie Managers train girls and families (collect signed Parent Permission &  Financial Responsibility Forms and distribute order cards)

Jan. 1

Girls begin taking orders using their order card and sending emails using Digital Cookie for customers to shop and pay online.

Jan. 10

Samoas 40th Birthday Bash – tune in and stream this video online.

Jan. 10 & 11

Council-wide Cookie Rally including the Samoas 40th Birthday Bash at the Georgia World Congress Center

Jan. 25

Troop initial order deadline— eBudde closes at 11:59 p.m. Troop leaders must enter all boxes, select initial order rewards & choose cookie pickup location

Feb. 14 - 15

Initial order cookie pick-up; Count N Go and some traditional service unit deliveries

Feb. 17

Cookie Booths begin!  Create special sweetheart bundles for easy sales. Be creative and Bling Your Booth—there will be a winner each week!

Feb. 19

Cupboards open for additional cookie pick-ups—Place your additional orders in eBudde

Feb. 27 - March 1

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend— Earn the patch and participate in the activities.

March 14

All cupboards close for additional cookie pick-ups

March 23

Last day for troops to make final deposits to GSGATL  AND last day  to have access to: distribute all cookies to girls, select final rewards and log all deposits to GSGATL  in eBudde—system locks at 11:59 p.m.

Week of April 13

Final rewards delivery to service units

April 25

Dough Getters’ Club reception honoring girls who sold 1,250 boxes or more

April 30

Cookie Booths end

May 1

Last day to notify service unit cookie managers of any missing/damaged reward items