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 Important Dates


Troops and girls register for the 2014 Girl Scout year prior to getting started with the Cookie Program

Troop Cookie Managers train girls and families (collect signed Parent Permission & Financial Responsibility Forms and distribute order cards)

Jan. 1

Girls begin taking orders and sending emails in Cookie Club

Jan. 11

Join us for the first ever council Cookie Rally at the Cobb Galleria from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Learn how to rock your cookie business through fun game show activities like Troop Feud and Are You Smarter Than a Daisy. Plus, watch the video premiere of “Cookie Wonderland!”
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Girl Scout Cookie Wonderland Video Reveal — tune in and stream this video online!

Jan. 26

Troop initial order deadline— eBudde closes at 11:59 p.m. Troop leaders must enter all boxes, select initial order rewards & choose cookie pickup location

Feb. 7 & 8

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend—let your customers know when cookies are coming to town!

Feb. 14 - 16

Initial order cookie pick-up; Count N Go and some traditional service unit deliveries

Feb. 14

Cookie Booths begin! Create special sweetheart bundles for easy sales. Be creative and Bling Your Booth—there will be a winner each week!

Feb. 19

Cupboards open for additional cookie pick-ups—Place your additional orders in eBudde

March 10

All cupboards close for additional cookie pick-ups

March 17

Last day for troops to make final deposits to GSGATL AND last day to have access to: distribute all cookies to girls, select final rewards and log all deposits to GSGATL in eBudde—system locks at 11:59 p.m.

Week of April 21

Final rewards delivery to service units

April 26

Dough Getters’ Club reception honoring girls who sold 1,250 boxes or more

April 30

Cookie Booths end

May 1

Last day to notify service unit cookie managers of any missing/damaged reward items