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 Resources for Girls

Running your own cookie business is awesome! You and your friends will have fun and earn money for special activities and service projects. Watch the video above to see how a Daisy troop set a goal and used their cookie money to help people far away.

Join the fun and be part of the biggest girl-led business in the world. Set a goal, work together, handle money, and make big decisions—like how your troop will spend the money you earn.

Use the tools below to help you reach your goal!

Great Tools for Girls

Cookie Club allows you to safely manage your cookie business online. You can set goals, compile a contact list of names, phone numbers and email addresses, send eCards to customers for online orders/promises AND track your sales progress—all in one place!

Girls who send 24 emails will earn the Cookie Club Online Patch.

**IMPORTANT** This season’s Cookie Club will not allow girls/parents to submit orders electronically to the TCM from Cookie Club to eBudde. Orders acquired on this site will have to be given directly to the TCM for manual input into eBudde. Tip: Girls and parents can log their traditional orders collected on their Order Card in Cookie Club as well. This provides them a complete listing of all varieties needed (online and in-person).