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In 2013 Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta and military representatives gathered to send off more than 144,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to our honored men and women serving in the U.S military.

What can a girl do? A world of good!

Smiles4Military enables Girl Scouts participating in the cookie program to ask individuals in our community, just like you, to purchase boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to be sent to the brave men and women of our military.

You can help bring a smile to those who are far away from their families and serving our country by donating your purchase. Not only will you be supporting the military, you will also help a Girl Scout make the world a better place.

Girl Scouts—Learn How to Participate in Smiles4Military

If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a Gift of Caring project, but couldn’t do it on your own—we can help! Join the GSGATL Care Project, Smiles4Military, which will do the leg work for you.

Girls will collect $3.50 for each box of cookies to be donated to our partnering organization and give the customer a NEW Smiles4Military receipt. The Troop Cookie Manager will log the sales in eBudde for girl reward credit and troop proceeds. There are no boxes to handle or deliver!

GSGATL will order and ship the cookies on your behalf to the council’s chosen military serving organization. Girls who sell at least 5 Smiles4Military boxes during the program will earn the patch!

Or Create Your Own Care Project

See how this Girl Scout troop gives their thanks to first responders through their own Gift of Caring Project.

As a troop, choose a group to receive donated cookies and let your customers know about the opportunity. You could choose firefighters, police officers, a homeless shelter, a senior facility or even your local blood bank. The possibilities are endless.

Learn more about creating your own gift of caring project on page 14 of the Troop Cookie Manual and get the Gift of Caring patch at a Badge & Sash store location.