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 Treats & Keeps Program

Start the new Girl Scout year by participating in the Treats & Keeps Program to earn girl rewards and troop funds for special activities and community service projects. *Formerly known as the Chocolates & Magazines Program

This fall fundraiser is fun, easy and you learn valuable skills. Plus, you can jump in at any time from Sept. 2 - Dec. 19! Individual Girl Scouts (Juliettes) and troops are invited to participate in the program.

The Treats & Keeps Product Line Up


Get Started… It’s as Simple as 1,2,3…
Use the QSP site to manage your girl-led business. Just follow these steps to get started.

  1. Click this registration button
  2. Register for a QSP online account. Be sure to write down your Girl Scout Online ID#.
    Important: Only new girls/parents to the online program should create new accounts on the QSP site. If you had a QSP online store last year, no need to create a new account. Use your previous login to access your contacts and sales data from last season; which is a great starting place to boost your sales this year.
  3. On the QSP site customize your girl-led business; set up your online store, start sending personalized emails inviting friends and family to shop, and promote your store through your parent’s Facebook and Twitter accounts

Internet safety is important! Adult supervision is recommended for all online activities.


For Treats & Keeps Program questions, e-mail treatsandkeeps@gsgatl.org