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Your customers have so many items to choose from, there is something special for everyone— photo keepsakes, magazines, chocolates, and nuts. They all make great holiday gifts and help you do big things!

NEW! Photo Keepsakes—To Remember This!™

Just imagine…transforming digital photos into cherished keepsakes that make happy memories last a lifetime. Customers purchase their item then visit the To Remember This! site to personalize their products with pictures from their phone, tablet, computer or social media accounts.


Over 700 magazine titles are available for new subscriptions or renewals.


Chocolate & Nut Items
Tasty treats are always a favorite and there are 16 varieties to choose from! Even more choices are available online.

There are two NEW items this year—Milk Chocolate Toffee & Almond Cran-Orange Crunch. The refreshed Girl Scout tin and Holiday tin will be available for purchase online to fill with goodies.

*Girl Scout tin is available for purchase online only; other Holiday tin can be purchased on the girl order card OR online.

View Chocolate & Nut Nutrition Facts

How to Order Products


Customers can place their order 24/7 through a Girl Scouts’ online store for all Treats & Keeps products. The shipping is handled by a third party vendor. So there is no money to collect or product to deliver!

End Date: Online stores close Dec. 19 (Girls earn rewards on purchases made by October 12; Troops continue to earn proceeds until Dec 19)
Note: Online Girl Sales Report for rewards credit is due to Troop Chair by Oct. 12.


Girl Scouts can show potential customers their Nut order card and Magazine/Photo Keepsake catalogs to view the products. Then the customer fills in their selections.

  • For Chocolates & Nuts – collect payment when girl delivers product
  • For Magazines & Photo Keepsakes – collect payment at time of order. Delivery is handled by a third party vendor

End Date: Order Cards due to Troop Chair by Oct. 12


For Treats & Keeps Program questions, e-mail treatsandkeeps@gsgatl.org