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 Skills Girls Learn

When girls sell Treats & Keeps products they learn great things about who they are and who they can be, all while having fun.

Did you know that girls develop confidence and learn to challenge themselves when they participate in the Girl Scout Treats & Keeps Program? They develop useful skills that benefit them through their lives.

Girls Learn To:

Set and Achieve Goals
Girls learn what a goal is, how to decide on one, and then make a plan to reach it.


Play Fair
Girls learn the importance of honesty by following the guidelines.


Be a Part of Something Bigger
Girls learn to work together in a group setting, encourage each other to succeed and contribute to a larger cause.


Be Resilient
Girls learn to look someone in the eye and ask them for their support. If they don’t buy something, that is ok. Girl Scouts is a safe place to fail. Just try, try again, while building confidence every step of the way.


Understand How Money Works
Younger girls learn to count money and make change, while older girls learn how to build a budget.