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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a required activity/program?
GSGATL product programs have a two-fold purpose, to support council services and provide income for troops. GSGATL has developed two excellent money-earning programs designed to off-set expenses for the troops within our council.

Each troop registered as of September 2 each year MUST participate in GSGATL’s Girl Scout Treats & Keeps Program and Girl Scout Cookie Program before doing any other money-earning activities. After participating in these program opportunities, your troop/group may decide to earn additional funds on its own. There are a few money-earning activities (listed in Volunteer Essentials) that do not require approval.

Not participating in the Girl Scout Treats & Keeps Program will not prohibit troops from participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Having an unpaid balance due from either program will prohibit troops from participating in subsequent product programs or having other fundraising projects until the balance is paid in full.

Q: Why are we having a Girl Scout Treats & Keeps Program?
The Girl Scout Treats & Keeps Program is a great way for girls to practice basic life skills (goal setting, people skills, money management, decision making and business ethics) and to help defray some of the troop costs between start-up time and the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Girls can earn proceeds for troop activities and at the same time build self-confidence, learn to set goals, learn strong values and how to work as a team and be rewarded for their hard work with individual girl rewards.

Q: When does the program take place?
Girls will begin to take orders for ALL items (magazines, photo keepsakes, and chocolate/nut items) September 2. Online orders will be delivered directly to the customers. Only items entered into Nut-E by October 26 will be ordered and used to earn troop proceeds and individual girl rewards. Products ordered through the traditional girl order card will be delivered to service units November 15, 17 and 18. Troops will need to verify their designated pick-up location and time with their Service Unit Treats & Keeps Program Manager to receive their troop order.

Q: Are booth sales allowed?
Yes - While booth sales are allowed, there is only one opportunity to place a troop’s order for chocolate and nut items needed. This means that if a troop intends to host a booth sale, all products  will have to be ordered by October 26; the troop order deadline and ALL money for ALL products ordered will be due to GSGATL by December 5.

Q: What items are being offered in the Girl Scout Treats & Keeps Program?
Items sold during this program activity include subscriptions to over 700 of the most popular magazines in America with over 80 digital subscriptions as well as 16 varieties of chocolate/nut items on the girl order card and even more items available online! A Girl Scout collectible tin is featured each year as well as a holiday tin for gift-giving. New this year are customizable "To Remember This" photo keepsakes which includes photo albums, photo cards, stickers calendars and more.

Q: Can new troops participate in the Girl Scout Treats & Keeps Program?
YES! If a new troop is forming and wants to participate, they need to submit their registration form to their Service Unit Registrar and attend Girl Scout Treats & Keeps Program training where they will receive information and materials to share with girls and parents. Troops need to be sure they receive a troop number before October 26 – the date all troop orders MUST be entered into Nut-E. All troop orders must be entered into the Nut-E site for each girl to receive proper credit for her earned rewards and for the troop to receive proper proceeds.

Q: Why should customers order magazines through Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta?
: You will receive a great price on your subscription and a portion of your order will help Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta provide girl programs for more than 41,000 girls, provide training for adult volunteers and support our five camps.

Q: What happened to online chocolate/nut promise?
: The promise has been discontinued as customers can now purchase online.

Q: Can customers pay for chocolate/nut items online?
Yes! As of this year, all items can be paid for online and then shipped directly to the customer. And there are even more items available online than are shown on the traditional girl order card.

Q: Can a magazine subscription be renewed through Girl Scouts before it is due to expire?
Yes – Renewals ordered ahead of time will be added to your existing subscription. To avoid receiving double subscriptions, fill out your order form online with name and address exactly as it appears on your current subscription label.

Q: Can a customer order magazines for a business?
Yes. However, the subscription must be sent to a specific person. Subscriptions sent to a business name, library or media center cannot be processed.

Q: When will customers receive their subscription?
Because all magazines are not on the same subscription cycle they vary largely in their mailing cycles. Renewals begin when the old subscription expires. QSP customer service (800.251.1542) is available to answer any questions a customer has regarding their purchase and magazine subscription cycle.

Q: Does QSP accept coupons?
QSP does not accept any coupons or discount offers. Only gifts described on the QSP online site will be provided.

Q: Does the customer need a receipt?
Yes! Online customers can print a receipt when they place their order. Both online magazine orders and chocolate/nut items afford the customer an opportunity to print a receipt at the time the order is placed, as well as have one automatically emailed to them after completing all online steps of the process.

It is a good business practice to provide all paying customers a receipt for their chocolate/nut items at the time of payment. Girls/parents are welcome to purchase their own receipt booklets and/or the troop may want to distribute a custom receipt on behalf of the troop. Troops may also decide to distribute a few copies of the G3 receipts (received in each troop packet) to each girl/ family to help ensure each girl is equipped with some form of product receipts.

Q: When do we collect the payment for magazines, nuts and chocolates?
Payment is collected for chocolate/nut items when the Girl Scout delivers to her customers; this is for orders taken by Order Card. Girl Scouts SHOULD NOT collect money for any online purchases (magazines, photo keepsakes, chocolates or nut items) - payment for these items is made online at the time of purchase by the customer using their chosen credit/debit card.

Q: Can siblings use duplicate emails for the online QSP program?
Yes. Friends and family are likely to purchase from each of their favorite Girl Scouts.

Q: Can a customer order or renew magazines not listed on a girl’s QSP online store?
No. Only magazines shown/offered on a girl’s online store may be purchased or renewed through QSP.

Q: Can girls earn rewards on orders placed after the troop order deadline of October 26?
No. Girl rewards are only earned on orders entered into Nut-E by the troop order deadline (October 26).

Q: How does a troop get credit for additional magazines subscriptions that customers may order after the troop deadline (October 26-December 31)?
Although girls no longer earn reward credit for magazine subscriptions after the troop deadline, any additional subscriptions ordered from their customers will allow the troop to continue to earn $2 or more for every subscription sold. GSGATL will credit all troops with the additional sales credit generated by their participating Girl Scouts and issue proceeds checks to troops after the close of the program, generally in late January to early February.

Q: What are the proceeds tiers being offered to all troops this season?

ALL troops will earn:

Tier One: 1-169 Items
$1.00 per chocolate/nut item
Includes all chocolate/nut items; those sold in canisters, tins, military nut items and magazine vouchers*

$2.00 per magazine subscription or To Remember This!™ (photo keepsake item)

Tier Two: 170 or more
$1.20 per chocolate/nut item
Includes all chocolate/nut items; those sold in canisters, tins, military nut items and magazine vouchers*

$2.20 per magazine subscription or To Remember This!™ (photo keepsake item)

If each girl in a troop of 10
Sells 5 magazine subscriptions
Sells 24 Chocolates/Nuts items
Sends 12-24 emails through the QSP online site
The troop can earn $408 AND
each girl will automatically earn five program patches in addition to more girl rewards!

Girl Scout Cadette, Senior & Ambassador Troops can earn MORE!
Girl Scout Cadette, Senior or Ambassador Troops ONLY have the choice of opting out of receiving rewards and receiving an additional $0.10 per chocolate/nut item in lieu of the rewards. In this instance, girls in the troop will still earn the following patches as long as their items sold have been entered at the appropriate qualifying levels: Be Active, Dive In, Smiles4Military, Goal Achiever, Online, Get Social, and the Super Sweet Success Club Patch. All other items will not be received in lieu of the additional proceeds.

1-169 items = $1.10 for each chocolate/nut item (includes military nut/magazine vouchers*); $2.10 for magazines/photo keepsake items.

170 or more items = $1.30 for each chocolate/nut item (includes military nut/magazine vouchers*); $2.30 for magazines/photo keepsake items.

Selection to receive the additional proceeds in lieu of rewards HAS to be selected in Nut-E. A Non-Reward Girl Agreement Form for each Girl Scout Cadette, Senior or Ambassador Troop who have chosen to receive additional proceeds in lieu of rewards must also be completed and submitted with the troop’s final paperwork to the SUTKC. The Non-Reward Girl Agreement Form can be found online in the forms section,under the category "Treats & Keeps."