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 For Girls & Families

Jump in with These Tools!

1. Set Your Goals
Individual Goal—Look at the Girl Rewards to decide which items to aim for and consider how many Treats & Keeps items you’ll have to sell to earn them. Think big! You can do it!

Troop Goal—Decide together on a fun activity and/or community service project to save up for and how many Treats & Keeps items you will need to sell to earn enough troop proceeds.


2. Register for Your QSP Online Store
Click to "Start Your Business" and register for your QSP online site. Be sure to write down your Girl Scout Online ID# as you set up your account. Important: Only new girls/parents to the online program should create new accounts on the QSP site. If you had a QSP online store last year, no need to create a new account. Use your previous login to access your contacts and sales data from last season; which is a great starting place to boost your sales this year.


3. Customize your Online Store Graphics
Through your QSP account, dazzle the online store welcome page with your choice of icons, backgrounds and themes. Make it all your own.


4. Add Your Personal Goals
When customers see goals on your online store, they will be more likely to help you reach them. Share what you and your troop are saving for and how many items you need to sell by a certain date.


5. Add Your Photo & Video
Give your supporters a glimpse at who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Upload a picture of yourself and put a link to a video of you explaining why they should support you.
Create Your Own Video or Use Ours


6. Send Personalized Emails
Safely email family and friends through your QSP account to ask for their support by shopping on your online store. Make sure to personalize your message with your own “voice” and special touch.


7. Promote Using Facebook & Twitter
Your QSP account has a Facebook and Twitter tool built right in, so share your online store to gain support! If younger than 13 years old use a parent’s social media accounts. All girls should have permission and supervision while online.


8. Go Door-to-Door
Use the traditional chocolate/nut order card, magazine catalog and photo keepsake catalog when you meet people in person. Visit nearby neighbors, ask family and friends at gatherings, and mention your girl-led business to people you meet on the go.


  • For Chocolates & Nuts – collect payment when girl delivers product
  • For Magazines & Photo Keepsakes – collect payment at time of order. Delivery is handled by a third party vendor

9. Pass Out Your Business Card
TOP SELLING TIP: Give people your business card so they can shop your online store 24/7. Make sure to fill in your full name, troop number and QSP online ID number to get credit. Download the Business Card Template >>


Sign the Parent Permission Form
These forms must be signed and given to your Troop Treats & Keeps Chair in order for a girl to participate. A parent or guardian is responsible for all products ordered and monies due. Products can’t be returned.

Parent Permission Form

Help Her Set Goals, Customize Her Online Store, Send Emails & Post on Social Media


Supervise Her While Selling Online and In-Person (Wear Girl Scout uniform)


Submit All Orders by Troop Deadline
Give to your Troop Treats & Keeps Program chair a printed copy of the Girl's Online Sales Report or e-mail it by the troop deadline, along with a copy of the nut card order and magazine/photo keepsake catalog orders (yellow and white envelopes).


Assist Her With Delivering Product and Handling Money
It is best to only collect cash for in-person chocolate/nut items. For in-person magazine/photo keepsakes, only checks or credit card information on the order form are acceptable means of payment, as these orders are mailed off for processing. Turn money in to your Troop Treats & Keeps Program Chair and get a receipt for your records.


Encourage Her to Write or Email Thank You Notes