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 Important Dates

Mark Your Calendars!

September 2:


Start taking orders.


October 12:


Girl orders due to Troop Treats & Keeps Chair (TTKC).

    * Date determined by troop, suggested October 12
  • Girl’s Online Sales Report
  • Nut Order Card
  • Catalog Order Forms (Magazines & Photo Keepsakes) Last day for the TTKC to enter girl/troop orders and make girl reward selections in Nut-E

October 12:


Last day for Girl Scout Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Troops to “opt out” of girl rewards to receive additional proceeds - selection made in Nut-E.


October 19:


Deadline for TTKC to mail WHITE customer envelopes for catalog orders to QSP/GAO.


October 26:


Troops locked out of Nut-E.


October 28:


Service units locked out of Nut-E.


November 1-4:


Troop chocolate/nut orders shipped to the SUTKC.


November 2:


Last day for troops to mail paper/catalog orders to QSP.


November 15, 17 & 18:


Service Unit deliveries of Chocolate/Nut Items


November 17:


Reward deliveries to Service Units


November 22:


Last day troops can log/update deposits in Nut-E. ALL money is due to GSGATL.


December 5:


Troop final paperwork is due to SUTKC.

Girl rewards distributed to troops by SUTKC. Rewards WILL ONLY be distributed to troops in exchange for validated deposit slips totaling the troop’s balance due GSGATL.


December 5:


Last day for troops to enter deposits into Nut-E


December 19:


QSP site for online orders (magazines, chocolates/nuts and To Remember This!™ photo keepsake items) will close to customers.


December 31:


QSP site for online magazine and photo keepsake orders will close to customers.