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About Camp CEO

Camp CEO is a camp-based leadership development experience that connects teen Girl Scouts with Atlanta’s most accomplished women--women who are committed to ensuring that girls receive the encouragement they need to succeed as future senior executive women.

Over the course of four days at Camp Timber Ridge, programs built around the themes of team building, personal well-being, professional skills, projecting a positive image, personal financial savvy, and career planning will bring together leading women corporate executives and entrepreneurs and teen Girl Scouts to forge relationships and develop leadership skills.

Camp CEO is where today’s women leaders will forge the way for the next generation of leaders. For the girls who participate, it will contribute significantly to their personal growth and future success.

    For Corporate Sponsors, Camp CEO offers a superb platform for their brand to align itself with the next generation of women leaders:
  • Create corporate and brand awareness and visibility

  • Reinforce its corporate image

  • Showcase social responsibility

  • Forge relationships with top-level executive women
Girl Scouts activly hiking, canoing and participating.