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 Silver Award

The Girl Scout Silver Award is a prestigious award earned by Girl Scout Cadettes. It takes a lot of planning and hard work. You can earn your Girl Scout Silver Award alone, with your troop, a partner or a group of friends.

    There are eight steps for girls to earn their Girl Scout Silver Award:
  1. Go On a Girl Scout Cadette Journey - Discover your leadership skills, connect with your community and take action. On the journey you will earn three leadership awards while doing a Take Action project.
  2. Identify Issues You Care About - What connections can you make between them and the issues in your own community? Complete your “Issues Chart.”
  3. Build Your Girl Scout Silver Award Team or Go Solo - You can work with a small team of three to four girls, completing team building activities, or you can create and implement a project of your own.
  4. Explore Your Community - Determine its needs and create a community map with its resources and a community contact list.
  5. Pick Your Issue and choose your Girl Scout Silver Award Project.
  6. Develop Your Project - Think through the project, make a global connection and make sure it is sustainable. Find a “Project Advisor”, an expert, for your issue.
  7. Put the Plan Into Motion - Make an Action Plan and timeline for your project. Keep a record of your progress. (Suggested 50 hours for steps 2-7)
  8. Reflect, Share Your Story, and Celebrate!
    Tips for a Successful Experience
  • Read the Girl Scout Silver Award project requirements before deciding on a project.
  • Work closely with a Girl Scout leader or advisor to complete the requirements.
  • Follow all national and council guidelines for fund raising.
  • Follow all guidelines in Volunteer Essentials.
  • Document personal work and hours put into the project.
  • Choose only a new take action service project to fulfill requirements. Don't use a project already completed.
    Girl Scout Silver Award Training for the Troop Advisor
    Adult Advisors that will be guiding girls through their Girl Scout Silver Award requirements need to attend the Girl Scout Silver Award Workshop in order to be certified to sign off and order the award for their girls. Parents may not serve as their daughter's Girl Scout Silver or Girl Scout Gold Award advisor.
  • Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Basics
  • Guiding the Journey-Cadette Level
  • Silver Award Training
  • Conducting an Event for Girl Scout Silver or Gold Awards (Optional)
  • Leaders or advisors helping with the Girl Scout Silver Award will decide if the girls have fulfilled the requirements and chosen an appropriate project, and are always welcome to consult with Brook Shelton or Tenequa Wildy if needed.
    Paperwork and Completion
    Volunteers are required to have projects approved by their Girl Scout council before purchase of pins. Leaders can purchase the Girl Scout Silver Award for girls by submitting the
  • Girl Scout Silver Award Report Form, AND
  • Girl Scout Silver Award Order Form​
  • to any Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Badge& Sash Store. (Please note, these documents contain a project log; girls will need to maintain accurate records while working toward their project goals.)

Girls may participate in a ceremony sponsored by their troop or local service unit.