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 For Parents

Welcome to Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta where WE build girls of courage, confidence,
and character who make the world a better place!

We are the largest national organization dedicated solely to girls—all girls—where, in a diverse, inclusive, accepting and nurturing environment, girls build skills for success in the real world. In partnership with committed adult volunteers, girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives, like leadership, strong values, social conscience, and conviction about their own potential and self-worth.

Girl Scouts embraces girls of all abilities, backgrounds, and heritage, with a specific and positive philosophy of inclusion. Each girl—without regard to socioeconomic status, race, physical or cognitive ability, ethnicity, primary language, or religion—is an equal and valued member of Girl Scouts.

    Through Girl Scouting:
  • Girls actively engage in activities related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)

  • We empower girls with financial literacy tools. Millions of girls now learn their economic foundations in Girl Scouts: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics

  • No university has produced as many female business owners as has the Girl Scout Cookie Program

  • Girl Scouts focus on healthy living, with programs reflecting that physical health, emotional health and self-esteem are all connected

  • Environmental leadership is a high priority in Girl Scouting. In 2009, more than 83,000 girls nationwide worked directly with conservationists and scientists to complete environmental service projects in 43 states

We encourage you to learn about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (link), which encompasses everything we know and love about Girl Scouts – troops, camp, patches, cookies, and more. Because there are only so many hours in a day, girls, along with their parents and guardians, have to balance many growing and diverging interests, commitments, and responsibilities. You'll be surprised at how flexible Girl Scouting is today.