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 Adopt a Horse FAQs

Is my “adoption fee” tax deductible?
Yes. Your adoption fee is tax deductible.

Can each horse have more than one adoptive parent?
Yes. By allowing multiple families to adopt each horse, we ensure that everyone is able to adopt their favorite.

Do I legally own the horse I adopted?
No. The program offers symbolic adoptions only and does not confer legal ownership.

Can I come out to visit my horse at any time?
Although the camp staff and our horses love to have visitors, you will need to make an appointment before visiting your horse. To schedule a visit at Camp Misty Mountain, please call Peyton Love at 706.629.1030. For Camp Meriwether, please call Jessica Barrett at 770.927.1020.

When my daughter goes to camp, will she get to ride the horse we adopted?
You and your daughter are free to request your adopted horse and your requests are taken into consideration. However, careful thought and planning is put into how horses and riders are paired. We depend on the expertise of our riding instructors to pair your daughter with the horse that best fits her skill level.

Can I give more than $125 for the care of my horse?
Absolutely! For donations larger than $125 please contact the Annual Fund Manager at 770.702.9177.