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 2013 - 2014 Current Members

"The work of today is the history of tomorrow and we are its makers."
Juliette Gordon Low

To deepen the commitment and support of our most generous and community-minded investors, the Second Century Circle major giving society invites the greater Atlanta community to make girls a philanthropic priority. In its inaugural year, over 200 business and community leaders demonstrated their belief that an investment in girls – and Girl Scouts in particular – is an investment in the pipeline for high-achieving, high-performing women who are used to exercising leadership.

Second Century Circle investments support direct expenses for over 300 programs, 46,000 Girl Scouts, 5 camp sites, trainings for18,000 adult volunteers, college scholarships for qualified Gold Award winners, outreach initiatives to under-served communities, and indirect expenses such as insurance and background checks for our volunteers.

Annual membership in the Second Century Circle spans one calendar year from the date of initial gift and/or pledge. Members have opportunities to experience the impact of their investment first-hand as well as mingle with peers at exclusive Second Century Events throughout the year.

  • Second Century Breakfast
  • Braves Game VIP Suite
  • Cookies & Corks Receptions
  • Second Century Women’s Luncheon
  • Tours of Camp Timber Ridge & Council
  • Second Century Holiday Soiree
2014 - 2015
Individual Members
[$10,999 +]
Myra C. Bierria   Anne & Chip Moore  

[$5,000 - $9,999]
Gilbert M. Benjamin
Joyce S. Cohrs
Sonnet Edmonds
Martha Greenway
  Laurel E. Hill, CTP
David Love
Jamie & Douglas Maclean
Cathy C. Miller
Mary & Mike Plant
  Melissa P. Ramer
Carol Tomé
Susan Walser

[$2,500 - $4,999]
Moanica Caston
Sarah Clamp
Kathleen Cullinan
Narinder Dhaliwal
Amy S. Dosik
Pamela Ewing
Carley Ferguson
LaShonda Foy
  C. Ann Hooper
Jocelyn Hunter
Tangela Johnson
Kelly L. Keith
Marilyn & Donald Keough
Grace Kolvereid
Z. Illeana Martinez
Jim McCarter
  Shane & Jewel Nichols
Sherry Odom
Lizz Patrick
Sue Patterson
Renee A. Pinczes
Keith H. Shurbutt
Chris R. Smurda
Wendy Tait

[$1,000 - $2,499]
Yolanda Adrean
Erika Alexander
Nichole G. Arnault
Todd Ashe
Dawn Bading
Chantal Bagwell
Joseph R. Bankoff
Demetria Barnes
Laura A. Bealer, M.D.
Victor A. Bell
Susan Bell
Charlotte Beltrami
Katherine Bird
Becky Blalock
Karen & Frank Boykin
Jim & Anne Breedlove
Rosalind G. Brewer
Paul Brown
Jennifer Caraballo
Charles D. Carver, Jr.
Rose Centeno
E. Owens Chapman
Needra Coleman
Ada Lee Correll
Richard W. Courts, IV
Clay L. Courts
Susan B. Croft
Kathleen Cullinan
Sue Cunnold
Lucy Davidson
Jeanine Davis
Diana C. Davis
Shana W. Davis
William A. Davis
Gae DeAngelo
Erica DeChicchis
Cathy & Ted Decker
Anne DeFranks
Joe DeGonge
Brandi Diamond
Bernadette Drankoski
Monte A. Edwards
Kimberley M. Euston
Barbara Evans
  Joy Lynn Fields
Melissa Fisher
Susan Freeman
Katherine H. Fritts
Cheryl Fulginiti
Mary Ellen Garrett
Kathi Goddard
Kimberly Graver
Helen G. Grayson
Sabrina Green
Lianne Griffin
Donna & Scott Groussman
Vicki Hamilton
Jennifer S. Heal, CFP
Virginia A. Hepner
Priscilla Hetherington
Holly A. Hill
Samantha Hodgkins
Mara Holley
Monique A. Honaman
Zenith N. Houston
Jeffrey D. Horst
Cheryl Husney
Christy Jellets
Carlton Joiner
Alicia Jordan
Lacey Jordan
Bebe B. Joyner
Kelli H. Keb
Sonju Kumar
Suzanna L. Lasseter
Donna Lathem
Ellen Dracos Lemming
Cheryl S. Lester
Kristen M. Lewis
Kirby E. Lewis-Hobba
Walter Lindsay
Jane R. Mandula
Kim Mason
Ted McMullan
Vikki Millender-Morrow
Jay Mitchell
Valerie Montgomery Rice, M.D.
Sue Morgan
Angela Nagy
Steve & Cami Nail
  Vivian E. Napier
Sunny Nastase
Ellen L. Newton
Kassie Nucci
Sarah O'Brien
Shawn O'Neill
Victoria Palmer
Stephanie E. Parker
Erika & John Preval
Van G. Price
Andre & Laura Ragin
Irma R. Rodriguez
Jane Rohan
Doug Rohleder
Lovette T. Russell
Joellyn Sargent
Jack Sawyer
Beth Schiavo
Leslie Schreiner
Michelle P. Schweber
Danita A. Scott
Julie Seitz
Deborah Sessions
Sabrina M. Shannon
Libby Spencer
Blair Steakley
Johnna M. Stueck
Elvira M. Tate
Cheryl Taylor
Tracy A. Techau
Susan M. Thigpen
Dr. Karen Thomas
Ann Thompson
Tamar Truett
Jennifer A. Turk
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Vassey
Jennifer Ventry
Lissa C. Versteegh
Kathleen A. Walters
Gail Washington
Cheryl Waybright
Rita A Whitehead
Tenequa Y. Wildy
Sheri L. Winston