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Troop Parents and Guardians
Welcome to Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with a Girl Scout troop! As a volunteer, your most important role is to be excited about everything this opportunity affords you: a chance to partner with girls and an invitation to play a critical role in their lives.

How can I help my daughter’s troop?

  • Parent or Non-Parent Helper may assist the troop in any short-term capacity, such as assistance with troop activities, chaperoning, providing transportation, or otherwise working directly with girls in the troop.
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  • Product Sales Chair works with the troop leaders and girls to manage the Cookie or Chocolates and Magazines sale program for the troop. Specialized training is provided.
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  • Treasurer works with troop leaders and girls to keep an accounting of troop income and spending, and may be one of two required signatures on the troop bank account. Specialized training is provided.
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  • Annual Fund Chair works with the troop leaders and troop parents to support the council's Annual Fund campaign, and encourages and collects Annual Fund donations. Specialized training is available.
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  • Troop Camper works with girls and adults to provide outdoor learning and camping experiences for girl members. Specialized training is available.

  • First-Aider accompanies the troop on trips away from the scheduled meeting place, and is certified in AHA or Red Cross First Aid and Adult/Child CPR.

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